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Acworth Snake Removal Services

snake removalPeople are afraid of a lot of things, clowns, heights, enclosed spaces, and the list goes on. One type of animal that is commonly feared by people is snakes. They can fit into small spaces and they can pose a real threat to children and pets. If you know or believe that they are living in your yard or around your home, you should give Acworth’s top snake removal experts a call.

How Will You Know If They Are Around Your Home?

Snakes are animals that are not necessarily going to leave signs around the home and yard that they have made their home there. You are likely going to know because you spot one slithering through the grass or in your woodpile. Many times, they blend into their surroundings and they are hard to see. If you see one and want professional snake control solutions, give us a call.

Their Different Types Found In Georgia

Snakes are an important part of an ecosystem because of their important role as rodent predators. There are 41 confirmed species of snakes that call the state of Georgia home. Most of the species living in Georgia are going to be non-venomous and harmless, 35 to be exact. Some of the most common, non-venomous snakes you will encounter include the black rat snake, eastern king, eastern garter, corn snake, southern ringneck, and a corn snake.

Regardless of being venomous or not, they vary greatly in size and color. They can range in length from 6 inches to up to 8 feet, depending on their species. They can be a variety of colors as well and can have different patterns, banding, belly colors, and markings.

Aside from these harmless snakes, there are also venomous snakes that can pose a real danger. These snakes will fall into two different categories:
  • Crotalidae– These types of snakes are more commonly referred to as pit vipers. Pit vipers that call Georgia home include the Diamondback, Canebrake, Pigmy Rattlesnake, Cottonmouth (also known as the Water Moccasin), and the Copperhead.
  • Elapidae– These snakes are those that belong to the Cobra family. The Coral Snakes is the only known species of this family of snakes to live in Georgia.

Their Most Common Venomous Species In Georgia

Although there are a few species of venomous snakes, the most common one that people encounter is the copperhead snake. There are two varieties of this snake found throughout Georgia, the Southern and Northern copperhead.

The copperhead snake is known to be a snake that is not very long and has a chunky body. They are colored with brown swirls all over their bodies. The heads of copperhead snakes are spear-shaped and the same brown color that is found on their bodies.

These snakes are not known to pack a lethal bite (when it comes to an adult person), but it is going to be very painful nonetheless and require a trip to the hospital. Their bite can be deadly if they bite a child or the family pet.

The Dangers They Pose Around Your Home

Our snake removal technicians can help you rid your property of these reptiles. There can be a number of different dangers that these animals can pose to your property and your family.

  • First and foremost, they can be scary. For someone with a fear of snakes, even your common garter snake can be incredibly frightening. No one wants to have to worry about having the wits scared out of them while they are enjoying a meal out on the back deck, especially someone with a fear of them. You also don’t want to have to worry about letting the kids and the family dog play in the yard.
  • It is possible for them to get into the house. Their small size and body shape make it possible for them to fit through a lot of different nooks and crannies in order to get into the house.
  • Getting bit by them can be a traumatizing experience, even if it is a non-venomous snake. They all have fangs, even if they are not venomous. Any of their bites is going to require a doctor’s attention. You do not want the wound to get infected and it can be very painful as well.
  • They may cause death to other animals in your yard. They are proficient hunters and they are able to hunt a wide range of prey including rodents, birds, and other small animals. Things like bird feeders can actually attract them if they realize that they will be able to feed on the birds at the bird feeder. Our experts can help to make sure that you are free from these animals so that you can watch the birds, chipmunks, and squirrels frolic through your yard.
  • They can be venomous. Although most of the native species in Georgia are harmless, you do not want to take a chance. Children and pets can be in serious danger if they are bitten by a venomous snake.

Our snake removal experts in Acworth, Georgia can help you to make sure that your yard is the perfect place for you and the family. We want to carry the stress of making sure your yard is free of them so that you can enjoy your property without having to worry. Give us a call so we can remove any unwanted guests or to come and make sure that there are no unwanted guests in your Acworth yard.

What Our Snake Removal And Wildlife Control Experts Say About Snakes

There are different kinds of them that are sometimes present in our homes. These nuisance creatures can be dangerous for some of them are poisonous. If given the chance they can hurt your friends, family and even yourself. It can be fatal if these nuisance critters are not identified as to where they are hidden and can be proven dangerous with an attack. There are times when trapping these nuisance critters should be handled by a professionally licensed trapping expert but there are also times you must do it by yourself. If comes a time when you have to do it, there are some ways on getting rid of these nuisance critters. These include cutting your grass low as often as possible. These will prevent the nuisance critters from hiding in tall grass. If you have a tree in your yard you can also clean the fallen leaves from the trees. A pile of these can also be a hiding place for these nuisance critters. Raking it off is also a good choice. As much as possible refrain from planting any bushed that surrounds the house. It will attract these nuisance critters to hide there as it is one of the preferences of these nuisance critters.

Advantages Of Hiring A Removal Expert

The advantage of hiring a professional removal expert is the stress and pressure caused by these nuisance critters are not worth it to not pay attention to these nuisance critters. Family members and visitors of your home are going to feel their presence if your house or garden is being infested with these nuisance critters. Those nuisance critters that are freely roaming the area is the very reason why nobody is confident to go outside. The ridding of these nuisance critters is the main reason why it is a great decision to do it. If you want to get rid of these nuisance critters without the use of any artificial substance, there are special ways to do it.

If you yourself are a homeowner, you can do various steps to get rid of these nuisance critters without the intent of killing them. Aside from being hailed as an environmentally conscious person, which is also praised by the people with the same consciousness, the use of any organic and natural methods to get rid of these nuisance critters is the best step to do it. One of the many benefits of using this method is your plants on your garden are also being protected from being exposed to any chemicals that can be toxic and very harmful to them.

If you found yourself in a predicament that requires getting rid of these nuisance critters on your own, these tips might help you with it. Adding a layer of mulch to your garden is one way of protecting it from these nuisance critters. Aside from enriching or insulating the soil, it also prevents these nuisance critters from squatting on your garden. If you have time, you can also install a fence around your garden. It does not just prevent these nuisance critters from entering your garden, but also other critters that may be a potential to disturb or destroy it. These nuisance critters like to hide from us people, especially in the yard. Removing any piles of branches that have fallen from trees can reduce the chance of finding any of these nuisance creatures from hiding. There are different kinds of them that are sometimes present in our homes.

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