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Humane Animal Trapping

No matter what your nuisance wildlife issue in your home or on your property may be, our highly trained and efficient wildlife removal experts will be able to quickly and safely address the issue. Our team is highly trained, nationally certified and licensed for all facets of wildlife removal from rat trapping and bat exclusion to raccoon removal and coyote trapping. 

Animal Damage Repairs and Exclusion

Trapping is a vital part of solving your problem with unwanted wildlife, however, the steps taken after are crucial to prevent the issue from happening again. We provide nesting clean up as well as feces removal for raccoons and bats to remove attractive odors and potential disease transfer. We then seal up entry points and vulnerable areas to prevent future animal entry.

What we do

Our Process

Home Inspection

The first part of our process is a full inspection to find damages, entry points and root causes of the problem. Depending on the issue this can be in the attic, on the roof or in a crawl space.

Animal Removal

Getting rid of unwanted wildlife is not as easy as just setting a trap. In fact, incorrectly setting a trap can educate an animal making removal more expensive. Our experts know specific sets to ensure a high capture rate.

Clean Up Services

Many people don’t realize residual odors are highly attractive to animals. Animal dens typically contain hair, urine, feces, animal remains, and blood. We offer clean up to remove any attraction to your home, attic or crawl space.

Guaranteed Exclusion Work

The most important part of the entire process is making sure the home is sealed from determined wildlife. We only utilize the highly quality materials, with the very best industry methods to fully protect your most valuable asset.

About Us

Total Animal Control is your local wildlife removal and entry prevention specialist located in Kennesaw, Georgia. We serve communities in both Georgia and Florida, and our team of animal control specialists aims to provide the best pest control service in the industry.

Whether you’re in need of bats removal, rat control, or some type of other wildlife management service, we can tackle the issue with care and experience.

Do you have a pest control problem on your property that needs to be addressed before it gets out of hand? Call us today to request a free inspection.

When you call TAC, the pests won’t be back. We look forward to serving you!


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