Attic Remediation

Attic Restoration For Animal Damages


When wildlife makes its way into your home or business, attic remediation is an essential way to keep you and your family safe from disease. Do you have an animal control issue in Kennesaw that needs to be addressed? Reach out to our team today to request a free inspection.

Our remediation process basically restores your attic to the clean condition it was in before pests decided to move in and wreak havoc. Attic pests can lead to the following issues:

  • Droppings and urine in insulation
  • Nesting material throughout the attic
  • Odors
  • Mold growth in contaminated areas
  • Parasites and pathogens
  • Pheromone scent that attracts more wildlife

How Our Wildlife Management Specialists Can Help

In order to prevent these issues, Total Animal Control cleans your attic, decontaminates the area, and restores it to its former state.

First, we vacuum any droppings that may have been left behind. Next, we remove larger droppings by hand with proper safety protection, as most vacuums are not strong enough to remove these. The final step is attic fogging, where we dispense an enzyme-based biohazard cleaner throughout the space to kill any pathogens and break down remaining waste.

If we need to remove and replace your property’s insulation, we can do that, too. From pest removal to clean up, insulation replacement to attic restoration, our animal control team does it all. That’s why we call ourselves Total Animal Control.

Simply reach out to our team today to see how we can service your home. Check out a list of our other animal control services here.

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