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While we often forget about bats until Halloween time, they are an ever-present nuisance in the Cartersville, GA area. Bat infestations can be frightening, which is why you should contact a professional animal control company as soon as possible.

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Nuisance Bats in The Attic

Bats can enter your home through spaces as small as 3/8 of an inch. Bats travel as colonies, and colonies can consist of 30 to 40 bats using your home as a roost. Having a colony of bats in your home leads to several issues, including the following ones listed below:

  • Interrupted sleep — Bats are nocturnal creatures, meaning their screeching and fluttering can keep you awake at night.
  • Feces — Bat feces, or guano, carries a fungus that can give you a severe lung infection. If left untreated, this infection can spread to the whole body and possibly become fatal.
  • Rabies — While most bats do not have rabies, it is a possibility. Humans can catch rabies from bats through a bite or contact with a bat’s blood, fur, urine or feces.
  • Structural damage — Bats can enter your home through openings in vents, the roof or a chimney. Once inside, they chew into walls and cause serious destruction to the structure and insulation of your home.

Big Brown and Little Brown bats can be considered a nuisance animal. These bats form colonies that roost in attics of many different types of buildings in which they enter through chimneys, vents, roofs, and other openings. These openings only need to be 5/8 of an inch in diameter. These bats can pose major issues for the people who live or work in these buildings.


Damage From Bats In The Attic

The bats themselves are not really the problem, it is the mess they make and leave behind that is the problem. The animals themselves pose a direct threat when they make their way into the areas of the buildings where people live and/or work. This can cause exposure to rabies and other diseases in which immediate medical action will need to be taken.

The guano is the real problem. The guano can cause physical damage to the sheetrock and other building materials. They also bring with them other pests such as ticks, fleas, roaches, and mites. Their guano also poses biological threats as well.

Guano is a substance that generates an ammonia smell due to its decomposition. It also provides the perfect conditions for numerous bacteria and fungus, such as histoplasmosis.

The Removal and Bat Prevention Process

In order to successfully remove bats and to make sure that they don't return, check valves have to be professionally installed. This needs to be done by a professional to make sure that it is done properly. During this process, the exclusion must be performed as well as to be sure that the bats are not able to get back into the structure. These animals cannot just be moved, the openings must be repaired as well.

These particular species of bats have their young between May and August and if there are flightless young present, you will need to wait until the young can fly. You will need to wait so that the adults and young can exit the building before the openings are repaired during the exclusion process. This ensures that all of the animals have exited.

It is important to note that bats are protected animals and it is illegal to use pesticides to kill the animals. They are protected by a law known as the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act. Violation of this law can result in the violator having to pay up to $25,000in fines.

The proper steps and processes need to be followed because if it isn't, these animals will return to this roosting site. If it is a site they deem to be safe and suitable, they will return if the holes in which they entered are not closed up.

The final part of the process is the cleanup. The guano must be properly cleaned and removed as to keep disease and other pests from spreading to the people in the building. A disinfecting process and fumigation will need to be done so that all of the mess they have made is fully cleaned up. If not, they could cause problems long after they have been removed.

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