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Coyotes have been classified as a pest species because of their tendency to prey on pets, sheep, and chickens. As a result, trapping and removing a coyote can provide peace of mind to homeowners who find them lurking about.

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How Coyotes Can Affect Your Property

There’s a reason our wildlife management team added coyotes to our pest control list. Here are two ways coyotes can threaten your property:

  • Damage — Coyotes feed on sheep, goats, chickens, pets and even the occasional cattle. In more rural areas, they can even damage the pipes used for irrigation. While coyotes typically won’t attack humans, they will still eat a human’s trash and rely on people for food.
  • Disease — Coyotes often carry canine parvovirus, a serious disease for dogs. They may also be infected with rabies, which can harm both you and your pets.

In order to get rid of coyotes, you’ll need to have them trapped and removed. If this is the case, contact Total Animal Control.

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Our professionals have been thoroughly trained to handle each situation with care. With proper tools and extensive knowledge of these creatures, we quickly and efficiently remove coyotes from your property.
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