How can squirrels enter your house?

There are dozens of potential entry ways squirrels can enter your Cartersville, GA home. Here are the most common ways squirrels can enter your home:

  • Roof vents and edges
  • Gable and wall vents
  • Plumbing mats
  • Chimneys


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Squirrel Removal in Cartersville, GA

Squirrel Removal Company

Squirrels may be adorable and fun to watch, but when they enter your home, it's an entirely different story. Some of them seeking shelter may inadvertently end up in your attic and decide to nest there. By the time you discover their presence, there may be damage to the wires, insulation and even the frame of your home.

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Wildlife Control - Squirrels In The Attic

Damages and risks from squirrels can include the following situations:

  • Wiring and siding - As cute as squirrels may be, squirrels are still rodents. This means their front teeth are constantly growing. In order to grind their teeth down, they need to chew on hard objects. As a result, your new furry housemates chew on wires, wood siding, 2x4s, and whatever else they can find.
  • Smells and stains - Squirrels are likely to defecate and urinate in your attic, which naturally leads to odors and stains. Animal waste is challenging and expensive to clean. Should a squirrel fall into your walls and become trapped, it will likely die in there and stink up your entire home.
  • Health hazards - Squirrel waste can cause salmonella, and a decomposing animal in any space can lead to major health hazards.


Nuisance Squirrels In The House

Squirrels have been known to live in your house any time of year but fall and winter are their most active times in your home. This is the time when they are birthing and raising their young and they see your home as a safe place to do that. If this is the time of year when you notice them, you will need to make sure to locate their young. A check of females to see if they are nursing is a good place to start.

Like raccoons, squirrels are well-adapted to living in suburban and urban environments because of the availability of nesting sites and food options. Squirrels get into homes in a variety of ways and one of those ways is by chewing their way in. Squirrels will chew at weak points in the home like vents, gables, and other weak spots. Squirrels will work to make a small opening just big enough to get into the home.

Once squirrels have made their way in, squirrels will get to work on building their nest. Squirrels will bring in materials to build one if needed or squirrels will use things that are already in the structure. These materials include insulation, cardboard, leaves, paper, and anything else squirrels can find. Squirrels will do so quietly and once squirrels are comfortable in their new home, squirrels can make quite a bit of noise. Their scratching and scurrying around through the attic and the walls can become very noticeable.

The presence of squirrels will require the expertise of pest removal experts. Squirrels can be difficult to get rid of and professionals will help you to make sure that the pests do not return.

Squirrel Damage Via Chewing

All rodents, including squirrels, have to chew constantly in order to keep their teeth well kept. A rodent's front teeth grow constantly and if squirrels don't chew, it will cause the animal a lot of issues, like not being able to eat. This chewing is going to pose a lot of problems for a homeowner.

Squirrels will chew soffits, insulation, shingles, wood, and electrical wires. This damage can cause water to get into places that it shouldn't and even pose fire hazards because of the exposed wires. If a squirrel problem is left unchecked, years of damage can result in thousands of dollars of needed repairs.

Other Damages Done by Squirrels
One of the parts of a home that can see major damage is the insulation. Many homes have loose-fill insulation, also known as blown insulation. The insulation will be used as nesting materials and it will become matted and compressed from squirrel activity. This damage will allow hot air in the summer and cold air in during the winter. And the animals have to be removed and excluded before any repairs can take place.

Their presence also brings with it their droppings and urine. Aside from the smell that it can emit, it can pose health issues as well. This smell can also let other squirrels know that this is a safe place to live and other squirrels have made their way in.

Squirrel Removal From Attics and Homes

Squirrel removal experts understand the necessary process that needs to be followed in order to successfully remove these animals. They know that if this process is not followed down to the letter, it is a definite possibility that these animals will return.

The first step is trapping. These animals have to physically trapped and removed from the home. Once all the animals are trapped, which will definitely take some time especially if there are babies, squirrels will need to be taken off the property. Squirrels will need to be taken at least 10 miles away or squirrels could return.

Once the animals are gone, all of the possible entry points need to be repaired. This is an important process and the help of a professional is incredibly helpful. They are able to find and identify areas that some home and business owners may overlook. As this is done, their scent posts need to be treated as well.

Then, the nesting materials, urine, and droppings will need to be cleaned up and disinfected. Hiring a professional is the best way to do this. They are trained in the most effective ways to do this so that there is nothing left behind. This includes the biohazardous materials that the urine and droppings can produce.

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