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Are Opossums in Your House?

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Opossums are most recognizable by their white fluffy face, brown or black body, and their long pink hairless tail. Don't be scared if you spot an opossum in your home. This wild animal uses its teeth as a scare tactic, but typically will not attack. If confronted in the daylight without an escape the animal could however "play dead" to trick its predator into leaving them alone.

Don't be fooled. If you have an opossum in your home call Total Animal Control, LLC in Cartersville, GA today.

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Opossums can transfer several diseases to humans through urine or feces. They can carry leptospirosis which has flu like symptoms but can also cause kidney damage and failure. They can also transmit salmonella that can cause severe diarrhea or worse symptoms for children and the elderly. Unfortunately, opossums can transmit these and other diseases to your pets as well.

We suggest securing garbage cans and pet doors as well as feeding your pets indoors to prevent attracting opossums to your home.

Don't become a victim to these animal intruders. Take control of the situation and call Total Animal Control to speak with a wildlife removal expert in the Cartersville, GA area for more tips on preventing a wildlife invasion.