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raccoon controlIf you’ve spotted a raccoon sprinting across your backyard a time or two, it’s too close for comfort. These creatures may look cute, but their presence can lead to a number of risks to you, your family and your property.

When you’re searching for a local raccoon removal expert you can trust, look no further than Total Animal Control. Our animal control and raccoon removal technicians are trained to handle each pest control problem with care and expertise. Request a free Raccoon Removal inspection today.

Raccoons In The Attic

From disease to property damage, and even attacks on pets, raccoons cause problems. These problems can include the following:

  • Disease — Raccoons can carry multiple diseases, but perhaps the most dangerous of these is rabies. While they may not attack humans often, it certainly is not worth the risk. These pests may also have roundworms, which can infect pets and humans when inhaled. The presence of raccoons in your attic spaces can build up feces which can lead to infection if you are not careful. We clean these spaces and offer insulation replacement services to ensure your family can breathe easy again.
  • Property Damage — Raccoons have the tendency to tear into homes and attics in search of food. They may also burrow into dark areas in and around your home to create nesting areas. Furthermore, if any urine or feces should get into your home, that damage could be much more than an annoyance.
  • Pet Attacks — Raccoons will usually run from large animals, but if they are cornered, they will not hesitate to attack. They have an easy time killing small dogs and cats and have been known to seriously injure larger dogs.

Don’t let a raccoon invasion affect your everyday life. Call our team of animal control professionals at any sign of a pest problem.

Nuisance in Homes

Raccoons are an animal that is incredibly adaptable, especially in suburban and urban areas. They are one of the animals that Acworth removal experts deal with most often because of this adaptability. The presence of raccoons, in general, is not necessarily the issue because simple steps can be taken to limit their effects on property. The major issue arises is when they get in a home or other building.

These animals normally make their way into a building in order to find shelter, birth their young, or to find food. They will take advantage of trash cans, pet food left out, and that garden that you have worked hard to plant and cultivate. These animals carry canine distemper and are also the number one carrier of rabies. This makes it necessary to trap and remove these animals as soon as possible.

The Damages Raccoons Cause

First and foremost, raccoons can cause major physical damage to a structure. They are going to enter into a structure and make it the way that they want it. They will destroy and flatten insulation, remove shingles, and remove siding, chimney caps, and mushroom caps in order to get in where they want.

Also, their urine and feces can do major damage as well. Their droppings can have parasites such as raccoon roundworm. The droppings and urine are to be considered biohazardous materials and this will require disinfecting in order to get rid of.

Early springtime is most likely to be the time in which they enter into a structure. It is normally the females that will enter because they are looking for safe places in which to birth their young.

Humane Trapping

If raccoons are found inside, you will need a professional to trap, remove, and exclude them from the structure. This process requires the animals to be physically removed, the entry points in which they entered from to be sealed, and the mess they made to be cleaned up.

If they are found to be around a property, there are successful ways in which to modify the habitat to make sure that their food sources are limited. The use of lockable metal trash cans, bringing in pet food, and electric fences around gardens will limit their food sources and their reasons for coming onto the property.

Choose Our Team Of Experts Today

We are here to help. Don’t let any harm come to your property, your pets or your family and contact Total Animal Control today. We’ll catch the raccoon for you humanely and quickly, allowing you to reclaim your home and yard.

Our team can also assist in repairing any damage the raccoon has caused to your home. Call now, and view a list of our other animal control services here.

What Our Raccoon Removal Experts Say About Racoons In Acworth

These critters can be really expensive in terms of the repairs of the damages critters have done. This nuisance critter will take less time for it to establish a colony if neglected. When left alone, critters will cause certain damages within the house or building, leaving their feces and urine all over the place and even cause different sickness and contract diseases. The most common disease critters can contract is rabies. Without the proper equipment, an inexperienced person trying to capture this creature may have difficulty and may even cause more damage to the house or people living in the house. If it can not be helped and an individual must confront this nuisance critter, consult first the state laws on what are the do’s and don’ts when trapping the wildlife. There is one thing that is common in the laws of different states and it is to not harm or kill this nuisance critter.

Removing and moving this nuisance wildlife are the usual things to do when removing them. Before anything else, consult the laws of your local and state to avoid any unnecessary conflicts. In the different cities in the different states of the country, capturing a critter is prohibited. Be mindful when trying to trap this wildlife creature by yourselves. 

Advantages Of Hiring A Removal Expert

Hiring a professionally licensed trapping expert can be cheaper than the cost of the repairs of the damage they will cause. Our company will provide not just the trapping of the nuisance critter but also the cleaning and repairing the vermin has caused. We will also guide you to what to do to prevent any more intrusion from the nuisance wildlife after the repairs are done.

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