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Total Animal Control is your local wildlife removal and entry prevention specialist in Georgia and Florida. Here at TAC we aim to provide the best service in the industry and pride ourselves on delivering a stellar experience for our customers. Our knowledgeable and skilled technicians are permitted by the Georgia Department Of Natural Resources and are prepared to handle any situation with ease. We look forward to serving you in one of our many service locations! Call TAC, the pest won’t be back!

Snake Removal in Riverdale, GA

Snakes are animals that are not necessarily going to leave signs around the home and yard that they have made their home there. You are likely going to know because you   spot one slithering through the grass or in your woodpile. Many times, they blend into their surroundings and they are hard to see. If you see one, and want professional snake control solutions, give us a call.

Our snake removal experts in Kennesaw can help you to make sure that your yard is the perfect place for you and the family. We want to carry the stress of making sure your yard is snake free so that you can enjoy your property without having to worry. Give us a call so we can remove any unwanted guests or to come and make sure that there are no unwanted guests in your Kennesaw yard.

Bat Removal in Riverdale Georgia

Bats can enter your home through spaces as small as 3/8 of an inch. Bats travel as colonies, and colonies can consist of 30 to 40 bats using your home as a roost. Having a colony of bats in your home leads to several issues. The bats themselves are not really the problem, it is the mess they make and leave behind that is the problem. The animals themselves pose a direct threat when they make their way into the areas of the buildings where people live and/or work. This can cause exposure to rabies and other diseases in which immediate medical action will need to be taken.

The guano is the real problem. The guano can cause physical damage to the sheet rock and other building materials. They also bring with them other pests such as ticks, fleas, roaches, and mites. Their guano also poses biological threats as well.

Don’t allow bats to cost you your home and health. Contact Total Animal Control for Kennesaw bat removal or wildlife control service and preventative removal services. We would be happy to replace any damaged insulation and help repair your home wherever possible. Call us today. Our technicians have been highly trained on the safe and humane way to remove bats from homes in Georgia and Florida, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Rat Control Services in Riverdale, GA

The most successful removal process is comprised of trapping, habitat modification, and exclusion. Poison is not a successful way to go about it because of the periphery problems it can cause. Poison can leave dead rats in areas that you didn’t know about and a rotting carcass can bring other animals and disease that can be dangerous, especially when you don’t know it’s there. It can also poison pets, other animals, and children.

The trapping will happen first and as the number of rats in the home begins to decrease, the entry points into the home can start to be sealed up. Any hole that is a half an inch or bigger needs to be sealed up. Also, possible food sources need to be modified so that the rats cannot get into them. Successful rat removal is a multi-faceted process. It is best to bring in a trained professional because they are going to be able to identify all of the things and modifications that an owner needs to do in order to make sure that the rats are not able to return to the structure.

Our technicians have been highly trained to provide safe and humane removal of rats and mice as well as other wildlife from the homes and businesses in our community. 

Squirrel Removal Company in Riverdale, Georgia

Kennesaw squirrel removal experts understand the necessary process that needs to be followed in order to successfully remove these animals. They know that if this process is not followed down to the letter, it is a definite possibility that these animals will return. The first step is trapping. These animals have to physically trapped and removed from the home. Once all the animals are trapped, which will definitely take some time especially if there are babies, squirrels will need to be taken off the property. Squirrels will need to be taken at least 10 miles away or squirrels could return.

Once the animals are gone, all of the possible entry points need to be repaired. This is an important process and the help of a professional is incredibly helpful. They are able to find and identify areas that some home and business owners may overlook. As this is done, their scent posts need to be treated as well. Then, the nesting materials, urine, and droppings will need to be cleaned up and disinfected. Hiring a professional is the best way to do this. They are trained in the most effective ways to do this so that there is nothing left behind. This includes the bio-hazardous materials that the urine and droppings can produce.

Skunk Removal Service in Riverdale, GA

Trapping and removing these animals is the best course of action. It is easy to avoid getting sprayed with solidly walled traps or draping a towel or sheet over the trap. Using repellent is not going to be a useful way to get rid of these animals. This is because there is no effective repellent out there for skunks. Some manufacturers market some repellents, but they are not going to work and will be a waste of your money. It is best to call in a pro to remove these animals.

After these animals have been caught in a trap, skunks need to be taken at least 5 miles away from the trapping area. There are a lot of laws that dictate the proper conduct in dealing with animals, even those seen as nuisance animals. This is one of the reasons as to why it is best to call in a professional. They are going to know the legalities of what they can do and what they can’t do. It is important to remember to analyze all of the possible areas where another skunk could call home and to handle these areas accordingly. You may get rid of one skunk, but if your property offers them a food source and place to live, a different skunk is likely to make their way onto the property.

Raccoon Removal Service in Riverdale, GA

From disease to property damage, and even attacks on pets, raccoons cause problems. Raccoons can carry multiple diseases, but perhaps the most dangerous of these is rabies. While they may not attack humans often, it certainly is not worth the risk. These pests may also have roundworms, which can infect pets and humans when inhaled. The presence of raccoons in your attic spaces can build up feces which can lead to infection if you are not careful. We clean these spaces and offer insulation replacement services to ensure your family can breathe easy again.

Raccoons have the tendency to tear into homes and attics in search of food. They may also burrow into dark areas in and around your home to create nesting areas. Furthermore, if any urine or feces should get into your home, that damage could be much more than an annoyance.

If raccoons are found inside, you will need a professional to trap, remove, and exclude them from the structure. This process requires the animals to be physically removed, the entry points in which they entered from to be sealed, and the mess they made to be cleaned up.

Coyote Trapping Company in Riverdale, Georgia

Coyotes have been classified as a pest species because of their tendency to prey on pets, sheep, and chickens. As a result, trapping and removing a coyote can provide peace of mind to homeowners who find them lurking about.

Have coyotes been raiding your property? Reach out to our animal control team at Total Animal Control in Kennesaw. Request a free inspection today. Our professionals have been thoroughly trained to handle each situation with care. With proper tools and extensive knowledge of these creatures, we quickly and efficiently remove coyotes from your property. 

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